Koval Vasyl Kovach and his sometimes forgotten craft

Жити (з) мистецтвом
Жити (з) мистецтвом
Koval Vasyl Kovach and his sometimes forgotten craft
Once Vasyl Kovach was the only blacksmith in the Ruskov Valley, Maramures, who could do everything: tools for agricultural work (chisels, horseshoes, axes, scythes, sickles, shovels, hoes), household items (padlocks, keys, nails, door handles) and any other tools and appliances for the household. Many people knew him and were looking for him. He always had a job, and often he could barely handle it because he didn’t have help. His only permanent assistant was his wife, Mrs. Paraska, but she could only do part of the work.
Podcast author Maria Cinar-Jiga

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“Жити (з) мистецтвом” підтримує Європейський Союз за програмою Дім Європи.