Ilyana Popovych: “The food in the mountains is the most delicious!”

Жити (з) мистецтвом
Жити (з) мистецтвом
Ilyana Popovych: "The food in the mountains is the most delicious!"
If you visit Mrs. Ilyana Popovych from the village of Rapedya, do not leave without a treat. She loves to cook, and the variety of dishes she treats you is confusing. I want to taste each. Just to be able to. This time our search is related to the traditional cuisine of Ukrainian Hutsuls from the Maramures region. The culinary dishes prepared by Ms. Ilyana are delicious and made from home-made ingredients. She tries to use natural products grown on her own farm. Homemade bread, stuffed cabbage, potato hominy – kulesha, machanka, cow’s or sheep’s cheese, sour milk made in a bucket, or lard with vegetables from the garden – here are some other dishes. Kozonak or donuts (funky) – in a place of honor.
Podcast author Maria Cinar-Jiga

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“Жити (з) мистецтвом” підтримує Європейський Союз за програмою Дім Європи.